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Why Transcription?

Accessibility: Transcripts provide a critical alternative for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss and the 360 million people worldwide who experience disabling hearing loss.

Legal compliance: Several laws require that videos include transcripts so that they are fully accessible.

Better comprehension: In a national research study conducted with Oregon State University, it was reported that 50% of students repurpose transcripts as study guides.

Flexible viewing in sound-sensitive environments: With transcripts, viewers have another way to follow along to your audio content in places where audio is unavailable.

Increased SEO and video views: A study with This American Life (TAL) proved that adding transcripts boosts SEO. Search engines can’t watch videos, but adding transcripts allows search engines to crawl the full text of your audio or video content so that is can be properly indexed.

Easy creation of derivative content: Transcripts can be easily turned into outlines for a report, or study guides for students to use.

Easy translation into foreign languages: A whopping 80% of YouTube views coming from outside the US and eight of the top 10 countries with the most YouTube users are non-English speaking countries. Getting your video content transcribed is the first step in creating subtitles in foreign languages.

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When you work with 3Play Media, you get an accessibility partner. We provide dedicated onboarding, account management, and white glove support for our customers.We also create tons of educational resources and host webinars and conferences throughout the lifespan of a customer.


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