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Our Mission ⭐️

3Play Media Canada is committed to making media widely accessible, using technology and human expertise to deliver high-quality media accessibility services at a fair cost and unlimited scale.

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 Who We Are 


For over 30 years, National Captioning Canada (NCC) has been a leader in the Canadian accessibility industry, providing media accessibility services to broadcast networks, government organizations, educational institutions, and corporations.

In February 2022, 3Play Media acquired NCC, the largest live captioning provider based in Canada, providing exciting geographic expansion for 3Play Media into the Canadian market and cementing 3Play Media as the premier media accessibility provider in North America.

While NCC is now known as 3Play Media Canada, its historic leadership in media accessibility remains the same. 3Play Media Canada proudly maintains Canadian operations and continues to support a Canadian labor workforce, employing the largest roster of the most skilled live captioners in the country.

Melina Nathanail, President of 3Play Media Canada


 What We Do 


3Play Media Canada provides real-time (live) and offline (pre-recorded) closed captioning and transcription, audio description, localization, and American Sign Language interpreting solutions at competitive prices. We also provide a user-friendly account system, fast turnaround, flexible APIs, and integrations with a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems.

From news, sports, and entertainment to politics and governmental proceedings, we bring accessibility to all of Canada. We count among our clients all of Canada’s major public and private broadcasters, production companies, and governmental bodies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.


Accessibility Matters

We believe that accessibility matters and that the impact of accessibility is universal.

We aim to help create a more accessible web by providing services and resources that support media accessibility across websites, apps, and other digital interfaces.

Media accessibility is about creating content that is inclusive of all people, with and without disabilities, and providing an equal experience without barriers.

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