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Why Live Caption With 3Play

How it Works

3Play Media offers a single live caption service, including caption production by machine – Live Automatic Captioning – and caption production by 3Play Voice Writer contractors – Live Professional Captioning. Each type of caption production can be ordered separately; however, Live Professional Captioning includes an auto-failover to Live Automatic Captioning in case of interruption to human-powered captions.

Live Automatic Captioning

Live Automatic Captioning is generated by automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. While auto-captions have a lower accuracy rate compared to human-powered live captions, they are a great baseline option for increasing accessibility when professional captions are not an option! We recommend Live Automatic Captioning for non-high visibility events and meetings that don’t require professional captioning.

Live Professional Captioning

Live Professional Captioning relies on human captioners. In other words, it’s done by trained professionals! If quality and compliance are important to you when it comes to live captioning, Live Professional Captioning is the right choice for you. We recommend Live Professional Captioning for corporate videos, higher education videos, events, and web streaming.

Schedule Live Captions in Minutes

  1. Schedule live professional captions in 3Play’s online platform. We’ll automatically match you with a professional captioner.
  2. Submit custom event instructions, speaker names, or wordlists. Your live captioner will review this information.
  3. Start streaming your event. The live captioner assigned to your event will then start captioning in real-time.
  4. Once the event is over, you have full access to the transcript and captions from the live recording as well as the option to order additional services.
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Product Features

On-Demand Scheduling

Efficient scheduling workflow in 3Play’s online platform, with an overview dashboard to manage all events from one location.

Resilient Failover & Failback

Failover system directs to 3Play’s proven Live ASR (automated speech recognition) to ensure captions are not missed, with failback to Live Professional captions.

Self-Service Customization

Customization options like custom speaker label, curated event instructions, and wordlists are available for live captioners to review and reference prior to your event start time.

API Control

Schedule and manage live caption support via API, and caption events with any RTMP stream and over 30 different platforms.

Stream Reconnect Wait Time

If your live stream disconnects from 3Play for any reason, we will wait for your stream to reconnect for up to 10 minutes before spinning down our service.

CART Support

Live Professional Captions offer CART support, meaning that you can display live captions on a separate screen.

In-Platform Visibility

Live Professional Captions provide visibility into your service. In platform, we’ll show you when you’ve been matched with a captioner and display your caption status in real-time.

Trained Professional Captioners

Robust training and qualification of professional captioners to ensure premium quality real-time captions.

All-Access Pass

Gain complete access to files from all your live recordings at no extra cost, with an easy and discounted upgrade path for post-event publishing.

Additional Features Available

Please contact us to enable any of the following additional live captioning features:

  • 24/7 support
  • Compatible with all caption encoders, across all streaming and web conferencing platforms, and accessible on all devices.
  • Multi-layered security, end-to-end encryption, and custom security profiles based on need.
  • Live translation in more than 100 different languages.

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